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Here I will feature various composers each week/month. I will be including the well known and popular composers, as well as the more obscure and less known ones. The idea is to show you more than just the greats such as Beethoven & Mozart and to discover there were many other fantastic composers in the past and present that just didn't make the popularity cut!


Great Music by lesser known great composers!


This is a composer that I became aware of through some musician friends of mine. The piece I love most is his 'Piano Sonata in F minor' (Op 5) The recording is with Marc-Andre Hamelin playing piano. (hyperion label)

I only listened to this once and I was in love with the music! Have a listen here:

Medtner is a Russian composer of the  late romantic period. A contempory of his, Rachmaninov, spoke very highly of him. He said to Medtner:

'I repeat what I said to you back in Russia: you are, in my opinion, one of the greatest composers of our time.' Sergei Rachmaninov (1921)

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